View Full Version : Finder is baffling me

31st October 2007, 05:05 PM
I seem to have accidentally done this but like the result and want to know what I've done so I can repeat it again. In Finder, I have one folder where I like to view the biggest thumbnails of images possible (not something I want to apply to all Finder views) and usually no matter how I resize the folder window, I have to scroll to the far right to see all the images when all I want is for them to naturally fit into whatever size I drag the window to be. I looked at snap-to-grid but it appears that only makes them line up nicely when you're dragging them around. For no apparent reason this folder is now doing what I want...I can drag it to be half the screen or full screen and the thumbnails automatically fit in whatever size it is without having to scroll way off the screen if that makes sense. Does anyone know what i've done to achieve this??

The bottom left corner of the finder window has four little squares much like a basic windows logo which I assume just refers to thumbnail view. The view options just have `show icon preview' and `keep arranged by name' selected. I've played around with these options before and have never gotten it to do this...I'm confused!