View Full Version : The 'I just installed Dashcode too!' thread

Maxim Litvinov
27th October 2007, 12:18 PM
Dashcode looked really neat in the Leopard preview, but it's only this morning I noticed it wasn't installed automatically.

So I popped the install disk back in, found it listed under 'Developer Tools' or similar in a sub folder and ran the relevant package. It's only 44MB or so and installs in the Developer directory.

I booted it up and noticed it makes things pretty darn easy. Within 10 minutes I'd created two widgets for myself - a countdown to Christmas and an RSS feed for an Australian Politics blog. Things are easily customisable so I'm suspecting I'll be making more semi-pointless widgets for myself in coming days.

Anyway, this is just a thread inviting people to install and tinker with Dashcode themselves and to upload our beginners' widgets for others to look out if they want.

My first widget is for the OzPolitics blog and is here (http://www.orgburo.com/OzPolitics.zip).