View Full Version : Address Book empty but still on .mac HELP

24th October 2007, 10:47 PM
Hi All,
I had an issue today where my address book at home mysteriously lost all it's contents. (Probably my daughter) I have a .mac account which then proceeded to delete all my synced address book contents at work also.

I have looked on my .mac web site and opened my online version of address book and all the contacts are still there.

I have tried using advanced settings in the .mac preference pane to force reset data from .mac to my address book but to no avail.

Is there some way I can export all the contacts as vCards or something from .mac and reimport them?

Is there another way I can get the info back?

For some reason the sync date on the .mac website address book is about a month old. My sync happens hourly so I am not sure why it hasn't wiped all the addresses there either.

Anyway any help is appreciated. Thanks.

25th October 2007, 09:27 AM
Blatant unashamed bump.