View Full Version : iPhoto "modified" waste?!

20th October 2007, 05:22 PM

I've just "found" the folder inside one of my iPhoto libraries that is called "modified".

From what I can tell, 99% of the files in it have been created when I have rotated a picture so it is the right way up when viewing it.

Adding up over my 3 different "libraries", there is over 1 Gb of "modified" files (!).

What's the best way to reclaim that loss? I'm assuming if I just delete the modified images (even selectively, assuming that some may actually have had modifications that I WANTED to make), that iPhoto will have a spack-attack...

20th October 2007, 06:25 PM
Iphoto is "lossless" like many of the professional systems but sometimes that isnt the best for us simple folk. I used a freeware app on ilife 06 to recover the space but it trashed my library. If you do decide to have a go at it be sure to back up. I unfortunately don't have the name of the app that did me in but the backup advice is universal.. Good luck

4th December 2007, 01:24 PM

I just found this app... it deletes the "original" files from your iPhoto collection... Of course, you'd want to make sure you really want to use it before you... use it...

For the record, I haven't... yet. But might.