View Full Version : return/enter key fell off and I can't get it back on!

11th October 2007, 08:06 PM
My enter/return key came off as I was cleaning my keyboard and I can't get it back on my powerbook g4, and I've followed all the instructions.
How much were you charged for key replacment? Or should I just go without it? Can I buy individual keys, as I think the plastic part may be what is stopping it from going back on. please help!

11th October 2007, 09:38 PM
Try positioning the enter key exactly in the place where it's meant to go, then push down firmly - it should "click" into place. If not, look at the little scissor arms, connect them on one side, then use a fine pair of tweezers to clip the other little arms on the other side. Fiddly work this :)

If all else fails, try calling your local Apple store or second-hand Mac dealer. eBay might also be a good option.


11th October 2007, 10:24 PM
Yeah they are a bitch to get back on. I replaced a couple of faulty keys on an iBook for a friend recently and had to replace the little arms as well. With my dodgy eyes , a pair of tweezers and lots of swearing ,I succeeded. If the scissor arms are in place as Byrd said then a firm push down should snap em back into place .
Edit . Here you go...