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27th March 2004, 05:22 PM
As some of you may know by now, I purchased an external firewire HDD case and 120GB Hdd.

I decided to give my iBook 80GB and the rest of the computers throughout the house 30GB for various rubbish and backups.

My question is, how do I format the drive for a format that a PC running M$ Windoesn't?

Would Linux (Mandrake specifically) be able to use the UNIX file system? If so, i would format the drive that way and then all backups can be done through the server.

Also, once (for example) the HDD is partitioned and formatted, lets say, in OS X only. How can you re-partition the drive again? I opened Disk Utility to try again, but the only options there are to First Aid, Erase and Restore the drive.

I have had quite a lot of experience with this sort of thing in the Windoesn't environment as well as abit with linux, but its my first time doing this on the iBook, let alone OS X.


27th March 2004, 05:30 PM

Sorry, I'm a goose.

I just noticed that I had been selecting the partitions I had already created rather then the icon representing the whole HDD.

All of a sudden the partition table comes up.

What a Knob!!!

Still doesn't fix the file system format to enable cross platform compatabilty.

Any ideas and solutions?


27th March 2004, 06:43 PM
I think FAT32 is the way to go if you want all the machines to read it. The alternative is HFS+ and some shareware for the windows machines to let them read Mac disks. Really it depends what most of your machines are, around here it's all Macs and one PC so HFS+ is the way to go for me.

28th March 2004, 12:25 AM
I think you should format one partition for each machine and I respectfully disagree with Gothikon that FAT32 is a good format for Mac OS, it's a good format for DOS/Windoze only.

I think that OS X can reformat a partition into HFS+ and UFS that has been formatted as FAT32, so you may consider partitioning everything under Windoze and reformatting two partitions with your Mac.

28th March 2004, 12:27 PM

Its got me thinking....

I'll most likely leave it as it is, and if I require a backup, transfer everything over the network to the external.

I was curious to see what the best file system would be if I wanted to use the external on the mac, then unplug it and use it on the PC's.

In my case at them moment PC's rule the roost, running Linux, with the iBook running OS X.

I would eventually like to buy a G4 tower (G5 - wishful thinking) to replace one of the PC's.

Its just too bad that I can make a PC with decent specs (AMD XP2400+ (2.0Ghz) overclocked to 2.2Ghz - you gotta love marketing, 1GB DDR, 120GB HDD, 48X burner - all for under $1000.00) wish it could run OS X.

Thanks to those who responded. The info is definately appreciated and noted.


28th March 2004, 10:00 PM
I'd have to agree with you. Just format everything native to the machine/OS, and transfer everything over a network. Home networks are cheap as buggery to set up these days, and Mac/Linux/Windows integration is a piece of cake.

That way is much easier than worrying about which OS can read which partition. And it's especially nicer than formatting everything in FAT32, which quite frankly is a horrible file system.

28th March 2004, 11:10 PM
My home network is already setup, has been for years. Just that before, it was 10/100 cat5 cabling, now its a mixture of 1Gb and wifi.

This is what I have been doing over the past week.