View Full Version : fixing an IP route

18th February 2005, 08:07 AM
possibly a slightly weird request... but hopefully there is a network genius out there who can help...

I have a VirtualPC instance which works fine when there is no Airport or Ethernet connection (uses loopback ethernet adaptor and OSX and the WinXP Guest can talk to each other just fine - both using their self-assigned IP addresses). When Ethernet cable is attached they also play well - both with IP addresses supplied by my DHCP server that looks after the rest of the network
When using Airport Extreme however the Guest OS never gets an IP assigned, so it can't communicate with the host OS (or anything else for that matter)

Is there any way that I can assign a fixed IP address to the Guest OS (WinXP or Win2K) and then define a route for that IP address so that rather than go off and try and find it in the ether OSX knows to always route it via the ethernet interface - so hopefully if there is a real cable in then the Guest OS will still see it, if there is no connection but the Loopback adapter is in the Guest OS will see it, and when I'm using WiFi to talk to the world (with the loopback adapter still in place) it'll still be able to see it.

Ideally the solution would also allow the WinXP / Win2K Guest OS to access the outside world when on ethernet or wifi, but only having external access on ethernet would be okay. Having a fixed IP for the Guest OS that OSX would always be able to see however would be a huge benefit (in fact, the difference between being able to stay a switcher vs moving back to the dark side)