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6th October 2007, 03:03 PM
Ok, first let me say that I bought my first PC loaded with XP today ... yeah yeah I know. I've really been spoilt by apple since my frst mac plus ...... stuff just works.

Anyway I need this computer to run some software that doesn't behave very well in emulation, and I dont have the cash to buy an intel mac.

So, my problem is this :- how do I get the effing thing to "see" that it is connected to an ethernet network, and use that network and DSL modem to connect to the outside world?

I've re-started the modem and computer a couple of times, tried to use the "wizard" , tried crossover and straight through cables to the switch, had a couple of beers and said some impolite words about XP. Clearly I'm missing something here, so if anyone can either suggest how to work this ot where on the internet to look for help, I'd be greatly appreciative.

Thank Christ I dont have to worry about this shit at work. They pay some other poor sucker to do that.

Thanks guys

Tim R

6th October 2007, 03:18 PM
It should be all automatically configured and you shouldn't have to do anything (unless you need manual IP or DNS settings).

In Control Panel, click "Switch to Classic view" in the left column, then go to "Network Connections" and double click on the ethernet interface icon.

It should say something like "Connected", "Not Connected" or "Limited Connectivity". While you're there, take a look at the "Support" tab, and is there anything suspicious there? ("Invalid IP Address" for example)

6th October 2007, 03:46 PM
... also make sure you have something shared, eg. a drive/folder etc - and that Windows Firewall is set up properly on your PC.


6th October 2007, 04:05 PM
What kind of modem you got? Does it need a pppoe configuration?

IE When you set up the connection on your mac, did you put your ISP username and password in anywhere other than your email program or the modem's web-based config page?

Can you please do the following on your XP box :

1. Plug everything in and leave for awhile; make sure all the cables etc are 'good'.

2. Click Start, click Run

3. Type the three letters : cmd

4. Press enter; you should see a black 'dos' box. Type: ipconfig

5. Copy everything down (use printscreen or just copy the text to a notepad file on a flash drive etc) and post in here



6th October 2007, 04:27 PM
All working as it should now. thanks for the advice

Tim R