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16th February 2005, 05:08 PM
Hi guys
I have downloaded a demo of DJ-1800 software and haven't had a real lot of experience at installations under OS X.

In Safari, I went to the site, downloaded the demo, which put a .sit (Stuffit) icon and a .dmg (disk image) file on my desktop.

I can open either the .dmg or .sit file, when I open the .sit file it seems to create extra .dmg files???

Anyway I can eventually run the software from within either the .sit or .dmg but there's nothing like a setup file or installation file, so how do I install it?

Sorry if this is a dumb question... But can someone help out?

16th February 2005, 05:20 PM
.sit is like .zip on a PC,

.dmg is like .iso on a PC, just mount the .dmg and install/ copy contents to desierd location! :D

16th February 2005, 05:21 PM
I'll help out anytime glen.

What you downloaded was a .sit file - which is an archive like a zip. Inside it was the .dmg (or disk image). OS X automatically unarchives .sit files upon download, which is why you had both the .sit and .dmg on your desktop. When you opened the .sit, it just kept unpacking it's contents onto the desktop.

Double click the .dmg, and it should "mount" an extra disk on your desktop. Inside that disk, you'll find the application (if there isn't an installer). Drag the application to your applications folder, then eject the mounted disk image by dragging it to the trash can. Uninstalling is as simple as dragging the app to the trash also.

It's that easy. :)

16th February 2005, 05:36 PM
Cool - worked perfectly! Thanks Disko.

Now I can start playing with this software and work out if I want to buy it or not...