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26th March 2004, 10:35 PM
hi, just got my first mac. its an indigo 500mhz imac with 256mb running 10.2, and so far im enjoying this new world of computing. can someone recomend some good games (fps, rpg) that would run on this machine? i dont expect anything to run fantasticly well. i can handle extreemly low resolutions(320x240). would ut2003/04 run on this at the lowest possible settings? can i play multiplayer games with windows pcs? thanks, any input is greatly appreciated

27th March 2004, 09:06 AM
UT2K3 may run on the lowest settings, but I think it would have a hard time running UT2K4.

I think UT2K4 comes on either 6 CD's or one DVD? not sure, unless that is FarCry which is also on 6 CD's and DVD.

2K3 may but 2K4 may not.

Go to http://insidemacgames.com and see what is there.


27th March 2004, 06:53 PM
I'll tell you now don't even bother with UT2k3 and although it appears that UT2K4 for the Mac actually runs better it will still be un-playable on your iMac due to your graphics card. However there are plenty of great games that will run. Basically anything up until Medal of Honour. So, Quake 3 Unreal Tournament will run very well, Jedi Knight, Medal of Honour and Return to Castle wolfenstein will be OK at medium to low settingse, not sure about Warcraft 3 unless you drop the graphics right down. Check out ambrosiasw.com for some of the best Mac shareware and insidemacgames.com Unfortunately your non upgradeable graphics cards (a 16 o 32MB ATI rage something) will be a real limiting factor.

EDIT - Yes, pretty much any game that is available for the Mac and PC is cross network compatible, do check as there are a few exceptions, you will probably need to make sure you have all the latest patches.