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16th February 2005, 10:35 AM
I currently have a network with a PC with an internal ADSL modem, I have another network card in it with a crossover cable going to another PC to share the internet. What I need help with is, the ethernet port on my ibook (clamshell) is broken so I bought an airport card to fit inside it. I also have ordered an airport express (w/ airtunes) module. What I was hoping to do was install another network card into the PC with the internet and go out of that card and into the airport express to share the internet with my ibook. What I need to know is, what sort of network cable would I need to go out of the PC's network card and into the airport express? I wouldn't use a crossover would I?

18th February 2005, 12:00 AM
You don't need another ethernet card. What you do need an is an ethernet hub. I've seen them as cheap as $26.

Connect the two PC's and the airport express to the hub with regular ethernet cables.

I'm assuming for the time being that you have some mechanism set up in the gateway PC to allocate IP addresses and perform network address translation (NAT).

Steve C.