View Full Version : iPod Software Update 1.0.1 in iTunes now available

15th September 2007, 08:48 PM
I hear some users reporting improved iPod Classic GUI performance, with some improvements in sound quality and more responsive cover flow. (Source: Apple Discussion Forums)

Anyone updated yet? Share your experiences here.

17th September 2007, 07:07 PM
Have updated my iPod nano.

Coverflow may be a little better... hard to tell. If you scroll too fast you have to wait for the images to load. Not a big deal really.

It seems to have fixed a few bugs.
- i had some sync issues where after syncing iTunes could not detect it if you tried to sync it again. Sometimes the nano would randomly reboot when trying to sync and loose my custom menu preferences. So far after the update it syncs and resyncs fine.
- i noticed that when plugged in and it goes to sleep it has the battery charging screen. This always said "charged" regardless of whether it was still charging. This issue has now been fixed.
- occasionally when playing a video it would just stop and go back to the previous menu. Has not happened so far since the firmware update.

One unusual behavior that remains is that the games have an individual volume setting. This is not a big deal when just playing a game. However if you are listening to music then start a game the volume will jump to the game setting. When you finish the game your music will jump back to its original value. Not a big deal, just a little weird.

I'm seriously pleased with my nano. Its an awesome player!