View Full Version : MS Exhange on a Mac

10th February 2005, 02:45 PM
ok .. so here's the deal ...
i will be allowed to trade my IBM notebook for a Powerbook if I can continue working with no hassles ..

my question ... i know Entourage is suppose to be compatible with MS Exchange, but is it easy to migrate ?
can i just transfer my outlook 2003 data files and entourage will work ?
or even better, is there another application (other than MS backed) that can work with Exhange ?

unfortunately, POP/IMAP are out of the question - needs to be compatible with calendar sharing in exhange and the global address book

thanks for any help provided - just that one step closer to tossing this IBM !! :D

10th February 2005, 02:52 PM
Hi Barry!

Check out Outlook2Mac - http://www.littlemachines.com/

I've just used it to successfully transfer my contacts, calendar & mail from an Exchange Server.

Costs US$10 so i consider it money well spent.