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9th February 2005, 07:30 PM
ok so iv been hanging round here for a bit and you lot seem like a fairly cluey bunch of people so i thought id ask some advice

iv 2 main questions:

any suggestions on ways in which i can convince my folks to get broadband net?
and how easy/hard is it to network a house of 3 comps incl 2 pcs and a ibook?

i live at home with my parents and i enjoy using the net for just stuffing round on and downloading stuf, but dialup as really starting to shit me up the wall... iv tried to talk my parents round to getting broadband but they hardly listen to me.. i think its cos they dont know how faster it is compared to dialup. also my mum hardly uses the net and my dad only uses it for a a little bita email, website browsing and ebay 'experimenting' (a few months ago he 'accidentally' bought us a pool table...) so has anyone got any suggestions on ways to talk them round? at the mo we're on a unlimited hours plan with IDX but i dunno how much it costs...

and secondly, how would i network out house of one IBM thinkpad, one pc and one ibook? the 2 pcs are downstairs next to each other in the study and my ibook is in my room, upstairs, at the extreme other end of the house.. would networking allow a shared internet connection and sharing of music and jpg files? this would be sooooo better than the current setup where if i wanna get my ibook online i gotta take it downstairs and plug it in. consequently prolly 90% of my time online is spent on the pc downstairs, where i am now =(

any help would be appreciated


9th February 2005, 08:40 PM
Unfortunately there is no way to help convince somebody that to get something that is in some cases more than what they need. My parents still have dial-up, and when they have computer glitches (G4 Tower Modem on the way out) i have to go over and help, the net seems very slow. I have broadband supplied from work, and while quick, it is also expensive, and with 6 computers (4 Macs) running off the network, I chew 12Gb in about 3 weeks. Unless you can find some real benefit, besides speed that broadband will do for you, and can hammer it to your parents, there is nothing we can help you with.

For networking, get yourself a smart switch, and connect the computers, Mac OsX will do tje configuring at the Mac end, but not knowing what Os the windows computers use, i really can't help with that, because my Windows computers don't see each other at all. Hopefully someone else here can help with the Mac/Windows side of things.

9th February 2005, 08:53 PM
hey cheers for the reply, i kno what you mean about convincing my parents on something they themselves dont really need... kinda why it hasnt happened and iv been buggin my dad for like 6 monthes now...

oops yeah prolly shoulda included what the pcs are running
the laptops got winxp and other comp has winme

i dont really kno much about networking so whats a smart switch? and what cables would be needed? what ports would you use on the pcs?


9th February 2005, 09:20 PM
Can you find out how much you're paying a month? Once you factor in the cost of making local calls everytime to connect, the cost really isn't that much better than broadband.

Also, broadband isn't that expensive these days. A good selling point is that the net is 'on' all the time and you can use the phone at the same time.

Though the biggest cost to start with is purchasing a wireless adsl modem/router (about 160?). Get a wireless card in you're ibook($120?) and connect the PC's via ethernet and you're all set!

I think the best way to get you're parents on board is to do a cost comparison with your existing set up compared to some broadband plan, show them it's not much more dollars, but far more bang for ya buck. That's how I managed to convince my partner that we should do it.

Cheers, Nick

9th February 2005, 09:26 PM
If you do get ADSL the VERY best way is to get a WIRELESS MODEM/Router, and WIRELESS cards for the PC's and airport for the MAC.
I guess it depends on how much you want to spend but this is VERY easy to set up and use, I have done this recently myself.

kim jong il
9th February 2005, 10:55 PM
This is how I justified getting ADSL to myself:

With dialup the total cost is substantially higher than the access cost as phone calls can double your costs. I was on a 'premium' dialup plan @$220/pa and wanted to compare dialup costs to ADSL costs so I figured on 2x20 cent calls per day as well as one dropped connection per day for a cost of $0.60. We now have $220 plus (365x$0.60) $219 for a total of $439 per annum OR $36.58 per month. A quick look at whirlpool (broadbandchoice) (http://bc.whirlpool.net.au/) will reveal multiple plans (many) within this price range. It may be worth considering the slower plans (256/64 or 512/128) with high download limits and low excess data costs over high speed plans (1536/256) with low download limits and high excess data costs.

You can maybe sell the idea on a combination of cost and convenience; they will always have access to the phone and it will/should not cost them any more than they are paying now. Furthermore you will be able to share the broadband connection so there will never be major issues about who is hogging the connection. Everyone should be happy.

Hope this helps.

cheers, kim

10th February 2005, 07:05 PM
When i wanted to swap from dialup to broadband testra told me that i can move up for free. The connection and cable modem were free as long as i stay 12 months with them. Also dialup was $28 a month and the cable was $29 a month, So i thought for a dollar more it should be what i do and no more local call costs. :rolleyes:

10th February 2005, 07:05 PM
thanx for the tip KJI, thats a really good, rational way to set it out.. il speak to my folks and see if our situation is much the same..

and about the point that u can use the fone and the net at the same time with broadband is a really good one except for the fact that we have 2 fone lines, one for net/fax and one for home fone... =( oh well thanx for the tip...

yeah wireless would be the ultimate way to go but we need broadband before that happens...

thanx guys