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Ensign Walker
25th March 2004, 10:54 AM
Anyone have any suggestions on what drive format can be used to share a
large drive between both Mac OSX machines and windows 2000 / XP machines?

Can the Mac mount NTFS formatted drives? Can you format a drive as FAT32
larger than 4gb?


25th March 2004, 04:39 PM
Try formatting the drive as FAT32 if you want to read the disk with no problems under both platforms. IIRC the maximum volume size is 2TB, while the maximum file size is 4GB - not so good if you're doing lots of video capture.

Panther can mount NTFS drives with no difficulty, but there is one caveat: Panther mounts NTFS drives as read-only volumes. You won't have write access to the data. This is a shame, as NTFS has no limit on maximum file size, and is a good bit more secure and reliable than FAT32.

If you're using an external drive on your PC and Mac, for simplicity format it as FAT32, or consider making separate FAT32/NTFS partitions if you're doing cross-platform video editing.