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7th September 2007, 07:37 PM

Im having problems finding a solution to this. I couldn't find a good solution to this on the net. Surprisingly what I want to do is quite easy on Windows, although that doesn't help me much.

I would like to have quick links to all my Mac's on the network in my dock next to the trash icon.

I tried setting up aliases on each of my Mac's that linked to the other Mac's on the network, although they ALL ended up pointing to one Mac since the volume names of each shared drive were the same.

Are there any other ways to link to specific drives on different Mac's and have them as shortcuts in the dock?

Thanks in advance.

7th September 2007, 09:15 PM
The easiest thing to do is connect once to each machine, then in the Apple menu, in recent items, you'll see the recently connected servers there. You can change how many items are listed in Recent Items in the System Preferences -> Appearance.

That being said, there are 3 "Recent whatever" folders in your Library folder in your user folder with interesting contents.

Jarrad S
7th September 2007, 09:35 PM
Drag the harddrives to the Dock from the desktop. Or create a folder in the Dock and drag them into that folder in the Dock.

You have to use the network mounted drives to do it though.

Also, it helps if you mount the drives by bonjour name, ie Computer.local so that way if the IP address changes it still finds the volume for that Mac correctly.