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6th September 2007, 11:54 AM
hey all

before i start i'd just like to highlight that i did the responsible thing as a forum user and looked for the relevant threads before posting, but was unable to find them. i've had my mbpro for about 5 months, absolutely love it and after using pc's for over 10 years its safe to say that i will probably never buy another pc. HOWEVER, a few issues have arisen with my mbpro:

1. the screen. there are these really faint diagonal lines accross the entire screen (could be refresh lines?). the mbpro went off the applecare under warranty but they said even after a 3 hr screen test they found no issues with the screen. the screen problem started about 2 months into owning the mbpro.

2. the fans. most of the time the mbpro is almost silent, but sometimes when it is doing absolutely NOTHING (no apps open, in desktop view for example) both fans will shoot up to 6000rpm for an extended period of time. i understand it needs to be cooled, but surely only when its under intense use?!

3. the casing. applecare were fantastic in this department and fixed the issues such as "sinking" power button and case warping around the lid button (bottom casing). however, the case has started to warp slightly around the top of the superdrive, next to the infrared receiever and near the ethernet port. this is really frustrating and upon ringing apple about this (a day after receieving it back from them for the aforementioned issues) they didn't seem so enthusiastic this time around and merely gave me a reference number which is probably useless anyway. not sure if this is an issue accross the range but there's a gap in the top casing at the bottom of the screen and dust etc. always collects in there (right above where it says "MacBook Pro". similar issues with the vertical part of the screen casing... dodgy build quality perhaps?

now i know i sound pedantic and possibly a little anal, but as a $3000+ notebook these sort of issues stand out like beacons, especially as they're hardware issues and i have to look at them everyday! don't get me wrong i don't hate apple any less nor am i dissatisfied with the mbpro in any way, it's just really concerning because if i was to sell it next year to upgrade, these issues would all of a sudden become major problems and would subsequently affect the price!

any help would be greatly appreciated!

Mikey D
7th September 2007, 11:39 AM
On my mbp the only time the fans ever ramp up is when the GPU is under load, or when the cpu has been for a fair while.

I'd suggest you look into some monitoring software (iStat or similar) so that you can see what your temps and load levels are like before and during when the fans spin up.

7th September 2007, 12:04 PM
I'd return under applecare and maybe call apple and ask for a new one?

17th September 2007, 11:15 PM
I doubt they'd give me a new one as it only had the repairs done two weeks ago. Besides, as mentioned above when i rang a second time they were less than enthusiastic to take it back again. (irritating as i bought it late march this year)