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1st September 2007, 06:51 AM
I will be switching in early November and I have figured out how to move most of my stuff over from the PC, (networking via my modem/router) the questions I have relate to Firefox and Thunderbird migration.

1. How do I migrate my Windows Firefox profile especially my BookMarks, over to Mac Firefox and where does it go in the Mac. Would it be best to reinstall my Add-Ons, Extensions and Theme separately.

2. How do I migrate my Windows Thunderbird email over to Mac Mail.app. I have already found a nifty little program to move my Thunderbird address book. (Address Book Importer (http://homepage.mac.com/sroy/addressbookimporter/)) Plus this program will move my legacy Broderbund Address Book 6a.


3rd September 2007, 12:04 AM
OK, these are either dumb questions or nobody knows.

These are the sort of questions & answers that could go into A Switchers Forum Group? (http://forums.mactalk.com.au/showthread.php?t=36188)

Jarrad S
3rd September 2007, 12:41 AM
Have you had a search of the Internet for how to do this? I am sure there should be a way to do it.

Bookmarks is easy though: simply go to Bookmarks: Manage Bookmarks and export the bookmarks.html file and then copy it over.

Now I also might be wrong here, but I swear there was a Windows to Mac migration application too to help with this kind of thing.

Mail from Thunderbord will need to be convereted I do believe. Thunderbird stores email in mbox format and I don't think Mail supports mbox from memory but it's late here and I am going on memory.

Try to hunt for that migration tool though

Good luck

3rd September 2007, 07:07 AM
An alternative would be to use Thunderbird for OS X.

3rd September 2007, 04:32 PM
Thanks guys, I think I will put this in the "Advanced basket" for now and give Mail.app a go, mainly because of Apple's system wide Address Book. As I will be keeping my PC till it dies, any Thunderbird email I want I will just email it from the PC to myself and pick it up on the Mac.

Thanks again

3rd September 2007, 04:46 PM
Finewine - i did this the other day. Thunderbird PC -> Thunderbird Mac. It's a bit tricky, but you should be able to do it just fine.

Now, i'm still a bit foggy on this, so back up your mail before you try my advice. (I can't find the link on it)

Install thunderbird on your mac and set it up to use your account, but don't put your password in, and don't download email. Quit Thunderbird.
Look into your Thunderbird profile directory on your PC. (In Windows 2000 and XP, the default profile locations are under "Application Data", which is a hidden folder. In Explorer (i.e. double-click My Computer) click: Tools → Folder Options → View (tab) → Show Hidden files and folders.) Find the folder called xxxxxxxx.Default - where the xxxxx's are a random bunch of letters/numbers.
On your mac, open ~/Library/Thunderbird/Profiles/ and you should see a folder named in the xxxxxxxx.Default format. Click on the filename to edit it, and copy the folder name to the clip board.
Copy your xxxxxxxx.Default folder from your PC to your Profiles directory in your mac.
Rename the PC .Default file to the file name of your mac one. (either delete or rename the mac one so it'll work)
Re-open Thunderbird.

I hope that's it. But that's along the lines of what i've done recently at my work. Good luck!

3rd September 2007, 06:38 PM
Thanks Disko.

I had sort of figured that method out using a Thunderbird/Firefox Add-on ChromEdit Plus (http://webdesigns.ms11.net/chromeditp.html) which I use mainly at work in Firefox as I use different machines from one day to the next. Though I also use it at home for both programs. Besides I have also altered the userChrome.css file which I need, in Thunderbird and Firefox for which ChromEdit Plus does very well. So, at work, I just carry a copy of the contents only of the default Firefox user profile around on a USB stick. You do not have to rename anything. When I want to copy the profile over from the stick, I just delete the contents only out of the existing profile on the appropriate machine and copy/paste the new contents in from the stick. So I am presuming this method would also work with Thunderbird from PC to Mac.

But as I now want to give Mail.app ago mainly due to the system wide Address Book on the Mac which Thunderbird does not access, I will either leave my old Thunderbird email on the PC and just send any required emails (and there is not all that many) to the Mac via my ISP or just install Thunderbird on the Mac and copy the contents of my profile over to the Mac. Though the first method is properly the way I will go.

I have also now figured out that I can use the above profile transfer method to bring my PC Firefox profile over to my Mac Firefox profile, ( I will mainly be using Mac Firefox as opposed to Safari) but with the proviso that I uninstall all Add-on's, Extensions & my Theme prior to transfer and then separately reinstall all my Add-on's, Extensions and my Theme on the Mac as following some research, I have discovered that there are just a few minor differences between the PC and Mac Firefox's especially with the Theme.

So I believe I have now partially answered my own original post question.

When I have done all this in late October, early November, I will update this post so that others may learn from it.

And yes I do like the new name of this forum. :thumbup: