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Peter Wells
23rd August 2007, 08:07 AM

my boss bought himself a treo running windows mobile 5 because a lovely kid at telstra told him it would sync perfectly with his mac (of course, it doesnt)

He then spent money on Missing Sync, which syncs his calendar, but always screws up on his contacts.

So what are the best smartphones that you guys actually use on a daily basis that sync perfectly with macs, and dont give you grief?

i know i could google it, and i've been to Apple's iSync page, but i want to hear
real world stories.



(and yes, we all want iPhones, but lets keep it to models available right now in Australia.. :) )

23rd August 2007, 08:31 AM
I have no desire for an iPhone - none at all - if anything though - I'm interested in how it works.... and how to repair them ;)

I'm not a mobile junkie, yet from reading various articles, I am led to believe that the Nokia E70 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Nokia_e70_auki.jpg) is the current crème de la crème... of mobile technology.

However, to be true to your Q, I can only know this from reading articles, as opposed to real life.



23rd August 2007, 08:34 AM
(and yes, we all want iPhones, but lets keep it to models available right now in Australia.. :) )

I don't want an iPhone :p

23rd August 2007, 08:40 AM
i use the n73 nokia with the macboook and it works flawlessly you can transfer, browse the phone like a normal hd and its just supurb, i love it. Im guessing any of the new nokia n series would be similar

23rd August 2007, 08:55 AM
I use a Palm-based Treo (650) with Missing Sync, and have no troubles at all. But I agree that the n-series Nokias seem to be the ducks nuts at the moment :-)

23rd August 2007, 09:06 AM
The Nokia e61i is in my sights if I can hold off buying an iPhone :p

23rd August 2007, 09:48 AM
I have a Nokia E61i, works well so far!

Managed to get the 3 x-series apps running and all.. Except the Skype client is pretty poor!

23rd August 2007, 09:59 AM
Is there a good review site that deals with the topic of hand-held smart phones and OS X?

Getting back to the original post, blackberry does require missing sync for OSX but syncing is flaky

23rd August 2007, 10:07 AM
Another vote for the Treo 650 with Missing Sync (I think they can still be found) for mac synchronisation, but it is way too big for comfortable daily use

23rd August 2007, 11:33 AM
my boss bought himself a treo running windows mobile 5 because a lovely kid at telstra told him it would sync perfectly with his mac (of course, it doesnt)

Return it praps?

Peter Wells
23rd August 2007, 12:23 PM
Return it praps?

yep. he's read this thread and is going down to the telstra store with big stick....



23rd August 2007, 01:43 PM
I *sell* smartphones as a consultant to health professionals working in a hospital setting.

Alot of these people use macs.

I can get all the major brands including Nokia, all the winmobile phones, Palm.

If you want it for the best sync with your mac, and the easiest to use smartphone, the only one that does that well is the Treo 680, preferably (but not necessarily) with the Missing Sync.

I have tried/sold all the different permutations of smartphone/mac and unfortunately that's the best you can get.

The downside is that the treo 680 is *not* a 3G phone and doesn't have wifi - which are the 2 biggest requests I have from my clients. If your boss wants these features, he will have to compromise on the sync and the user experience IMO.

A good example was my dabble with the Dopod 838pro - an excellent phone on paper (3G, Wifi, slideout keyboard, win mobile 5), but a *disaster* in real use. The problem wasn't missing sync - it was unreliable, missed calles, poor reception, crappy crappy battery life, and at one stage, even diverted my phone straight to messagebank, despite my settings on the telstra side being correct and not being on divert!

Windows mobile IMO is NOT ready for proper use, though obviously not everyone has the problems I had. Nokia is nice as a phone, but limited in terms of apps available for symbian, and it only does a limited sync when compared with the treo 680 (which syncs just about everything, including word/excel/powerpoint and literally thousands of programs available for palm). The 680 also virtually eliminates most of the problems with the 650, including the memory cache problem.

So, in summary:

Treo 680 if for excellent sync, stability and ease of use.

Nokia if needs a 3G phone

Windows mobile if he MUST have Wifi and a large touch screen, but be warned this is not a fantastic solution, even if he was using a PC due to poor reliability overall (in my experience over the last 4 years with my consulting business in comparison with the palm treos)

Hope this helps

23rd August 2007, 02:01 PM
PS. People might want to look here about win mobile 6:

Doesn't sound like it's getting any better for Microsoft yet... maybe win mobile 10 will solve all the kinks.

The other downside with palm is that they're sitting on their arse with Palm OS - it hasn't been updated in 3 years, and apparently can't even handle 3G. Unless they pull something magical out their arse for the linux version in development, palmOS will die, leaving not much. Unless apple decide to open the iPhone to developers.

23rd August 2007, 02:08 PM
Palm themselves don't actually own the OS anymore. Access own the rights to Palm OS (thanks to Palm stupidly splitting their hardware and software divisions a few years back). Palm don't want anything to do with what Access is coming out with in regards to the next Gen Palm OS.

A pointer to where Palm is going is in the Foleo. It is linux based, and not sourced from Access.

choy ( :) ), do you know if the 680 works with any faster networks than GSM? I like the 650 I have, but being oldish I don't have any faith in how long it will last!

23rd August 2007, 02:10 PM
if your wanting integrated cal,mail,address book install www.kerio.com you can get a trial for their mail server.
it works great even supports the iphones when we can get them.
great webmail and it likes mail2.0 along with entourage, i've got it working with ical and addressbook :)
it also supports a MAPI exchange cutdown and several handsets will see it as a microsoft exchange server.
you can run the server on Windows XP/ Mac OSX / Linux

23rd August 2007, 08:39 PM
Actually they bought the rights back to garnet - which makes you wonder if they are planning to emulate PalmOS garnet into their own brand of linux rather than use Access Linux Platform. In fact I read that somewhere but I don't know where.

Re: GSM : I'm afraid that's the highest speed network the treo 680 can go on. A shame, really as it means no new PalmOS based phone until at least mid next year.

23rd August 2007, 09:17 PM
another Nokia E61 user....
although i've hit my ceiling with mobiles for good i recon! i know iphone & have seen it work. all i've seen i've expected from Apple, .. and this phone/pod/media player/browser/game boy/anything, is deservedly set to turn the mobile industry on it's head. i've used many & seen, tested, desired and researched only to find how they're all lacking. they've all launched dodgy models for too long & us 'have no choice' users have gritted our teeth and learned to deal with the issues.
Apple have lead the tech revolution for ages & people are finally paying attention. iPhone IS the only real revolutionary media device of this EVER(i risk saying)...

29th August 2007, 07:05 AM
another Nokia E61 user....

This is one I am contemplating... how is it with the mac? Need additional software? How does it differ from the E61i apart from the camera (which I don't need, really)?

The other thing I wanted to know is whether its width is an issue when making calls. Does it feel odd? I'm coming from a nokia 6131 which is small and slender.


30th August 2007, 11:36 PM
Hey Tia...

It syncs fully with the Mac OS. i think 10.4.something added updates to iSync that included many more smart phones. I had created my own script for an N80 i use & downloaded a plug in to use with my E61, ... since the update, i didn't need the plug in anymore, cause Apple had added for me, cool! Ok, so i sync iCal, Address Book, and notes. Good enough for me & i often use my phone as a modem on trains etc.
it's also wi-fi capable which is a bonus when at work, saving me using Optus for data(expensive)!
I'm over cameras on a phone, since they typically never do a good enough job. It fits pretty nicely in my jeans pocket(my daily uniform) & the width doesn't at all bother me. It is still basically the same length of older Nokias & pretty slim, and i love the big screen. As for the keyboard, .. if thats what u want, ... i'm still partial to predictive text(much faster 1 finger typing).
Must add, i've really purchased this phone as a 'temporary' upgrade, .. since i figured iPhone to be the only worthy device for my future needs.


4th September 2007, 06:24 AM
Anyone using HTC Touch? Its WM6... I'm still leaning toward the E61 tho