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20th August 2007, 07:01 PM
Firstly I would like to express my satisfaction with Apple for having included discs for iLife '08 and iWork '08 Trial seeing as my MBP was ordered weeks before the iMac and iLife update and I received it not three days ago (about 4-5 weeks after it had been ordered).

So of course I reinstalled all the software off the install discs (no significant problems there), and installed Boot Camp 1.2 (I want to move to Leopard in my own time please [I heard that BC1.3 and above are designed to stop working when Leopard comes out with the real Boot Camp]) and (ok, shoot me) installed Vista Business Edition (Legitimate Copy no less).

Vista decided not to play nice with Parallels after I had installed it in Boot Camp so I tried to restore everything back to normal with Boot Camp Assistant. That failed completely. Disk Utility wouldn't format Vista's partition so I had to use my trusty Puppy Linux CD (Boot Camp startup menu let me choose to boot off it which was a pleasant surprise) to format the partition to Fat-32 before Boot Camp Assistant would let me remove it and restore my Boot disc to its original pristine Mac condition. (I later just installed in Parallels, screw Boot Camp).

Any Hardware problems? Well, I have one stuck Pixel on my Matte LCD (According to Pixie.app and very careful cursor positioning, it would appear to be pixel {953,396} (I suppose that's like x and y axes, considering that the top left hand corner of the screen is given {0,0} and the bottom right is given {1439,899} [No it won't let the cursor get any further out of the screen]) which is stuck on red (I used a "Pixel Fix" widget to no avail, only to find out that only the green colouring of the pixel is no more, the Red and Blue still works... doesn't seem worth taking back to the shop for 1/3 of 1 of 1400*900 pixels not working).

But apart from that the hardware is absolutely wonderful (Shiny, Silver and fairly warm).

As for software, seeing as I will not have to share this computer with anyone, I have changed the default icon sets (thanks to LiteIcon) and unified the Window themes with UNO (thanks to reading a recent thread on this forum).

iLife '08 seems ok. iPhoto is great, iMovie... let's just say I'm happy that the old version hasn't been removed (but I have a copy of the original installer package should a later update remove it).

//The actual Question

Now the only problem is my Father. Who is inheriting the full-time use of the Early 2006 iMac which I had been using up until Friday night at 10PM. Who used to use a Beige PowerMac G3 running Mac OS 8.6... and Eudora email client. He has up to 10 years worth of emails which he would like to transfer to his new computer...

Does anyone know of a process I could use to get the emails from one computer to the other without being forced to use our internet connection (which would make the process take hours)?

I installed Windows Server 2003 into Parallels (Ubuntu Server just wouldn't install :( ) in the hope that I could set up a short term POP email server on our LAN network but it seems to want to use DNS... Apparently my router is given the DNS name "www.routerlogin.com" and that gives me hope that I might be able to fiddle with something somewhere... I also remember fiddling with something like Netinfo Manager to redirect a request from Starcraft to access Battle.Net to instead go to a friend's private server.

Anyone who read this far got any ideas about what I could do? (Oh and thanks for reading it all).

20th August 2007, 07:16 PM
Have you looked at the "Import Mailboxes..." command in the "File" menu of Apple Mail?


Steve C

20th August 2007, 07:21 PM
Will that work? How would I get the mailboxes from Eudora (Classic... might be version 5)? I cannot seem to find any mail files on the computer (suggesting they are hidden somehow... or that my 5 minutes of searching the application folder weren't thorough enough).

20th August 2007, 09:00 PM
They aren't hidden. They might be in the System Folder somewhere though. I recall the default location was somewhere rather odd. However, Eudora mailboxes are plain text, so anything can import them. The only thing not plain text is the Table Of Contents files, which are either separate or stored in the resource fork of each mailbox.

Not a bad idea would be to just pull the hard drive out of the old machine and stick it in a firewire case to connect to the new Mac, however, the old G3 and any new Mac can file share, though it's a bit painful to do.