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17th August 2007, 07:53 PM
With my poor luck, after getting a new desktop the lil 'book just craps out on me for fall term...
Each time I plug in 50/50 chance it'll charge 'correctly', AC LED light blinks green every so often when the lid is closed once it nears/is full charge and full charges take 5 hours. PMU & PRAM reset were a no-go, formatted HD to revert to 10.3 without any change, installed OS 10.4 onto my old 3G iPod and that too had the same results. Its been getting worse since Jan 2007 with the flickering AC light, the issue began earlier with my old battery.

My 'book had an expanding battery in 2005 which Apple blew off as nothing, my wrist area/trackpad is bubbled up enough to pinch your skin while using it... right side of the clicker is often unresponsive and one side of the trackpad is useless too. When they finally replaced my battery due to the recall, they blew off the AC blinking LED even after showing two different "Genius" staff a video clip I took with my phone(Nokia 6102). AppleCare & Retail in my opinion is useless. The old belief of Pro hardware should get better support vs consumer isn't there anymore.

While I'm still covered by AppleCare till this Sept, I don't know if I'll even bother at this point of going to any more "Apple Retail" locations for support/repairs, all these locations in New England are more interested in is iPod support. When I brought up my issues, the Genius staff didn't want to log my SN to make a note as they decided on the spot "it isn't a problem or not worth their time". If I opt for mail-in, I'll be OOW if they botch it leading to I may need to personally bring it somewhere... NYC it'll cost me $174+tax via train, $100 for a trip to Montreal and I'm not even sure if Apple Canada would touch an American PowerBook as my AppleCare is expiring. Anyways how would Canadian repair laws be handled if the customer is American? :confused:

I'm up for some suggestions how I'll write to Apple on this, after my painful 3G iPod experience(4x, mail-in repair actually killed my 'Pod), its just tempting to let someone else suffer AppleCare insanity.
(thankfully I'm able to fall back to an older PowerBook... I'm not totally SOL for work & school)

17th August 2007, 08:38 PM
my iBook was purchased in Australia and i had problems whilst in Canada and it was repaired over there twice, i then had a problem when i got back to Australia and it was repaired again here.

My advice would be call apple support in Canada and insist on speaking to someone else if you get no joy from the person who takes the call.

At worst a reseller will take it in and run tests for a few days...

Best of luck!!

17th August 2007, 08:49 PM
Your laptop has a worldwide warranty. Take to to an apple service center and get it fixed. Anywhere in the world.

17th August 2007, 09:50 PM
I'm thinking of letting a family member take my PowerBook to Montreal for the repair, there really isn't much option in my area and going by summer hotel rates in NYC yikes... northern New England may as well be part of Canada :(