View Full Version : iLife 08 Question (possibly 06 too but hadnt noticed till now)

14th August 2007, 01:47 PM
hey there,

i've just spent a while on the gf's macbook installing ilife and reorganising her photos into events etc.

i've just noticed that certain images don't display correctly when i double click on them. for example, some images display the thumbnail correctly....however when i double click to bring up a full size image, the picture zooms in then all of a sudden (as in as soon as it reaches full screen) it turns into an exclamation mark.

I'm hoping ilife hasn't corrupted her library. more so because i'll have to go through and reimport and reorganise everything again rather than worrying about the loss of photo's as they're all backed up.

but am i right? could iphoto 08 have corrupted the library? if i bring up info on the images in question it shows the full resolution and image details. another thing is i can't drag and drop these images to the desktop like i can with working ones.

could it be that these are just thumbnails and the actual images they link to are gone? if so where can i find them?

thanks in advance to anyone who can help. what is it they say about a woman scorned? i finally convinced her to let me upgrade her ilife and what should happen?! typical :p

Dante Kyar
14th August 2007, 02:06 PM
It seems as though the thumbnails are all ok, but when it tries to find the large original, it cant. You might need to import everything again. Well done for backing up though :)

another thing... the iphoto library is like some archive now in ur pictures folder. If you looked in it with iLife '06, then u'll see the difference.

If i was you i'd get to work. It might be a pain, but she'll love you for setting up everything. Also if u teach her how to keep it organised in the future, she'll love iPhoto even more.