View Full Version : A Roboform alternative to Keychain Required?

31st January 2005, 04:06 PM
This is a topic discussed before. Roboform is a fantastic app in the PC World for form filling & managing passwords, ... & regrettably Roboform have no plans to develop a Mac version. ;) Some posters around here say Keychain is pretty good, ... but so far I find it pretty cumbersome & lacks any integration with Firefox browser which I mostly use. Maybe I am using Keychain incorrectly? Anyway still looking for password manager that can get a little closer to Roboform than what I have seen to date. Suggestions & comments welcomed!

31st January 2005, 04:14 PM
Doesn't firefox manage it's own passwords?

Keychain is great - works for me. :)

2nd February 2005, 06:36 PM
Well, ... I am really surprised there does not seem to be much out there of quality in the password management browser form filler space. Password Wallet impressed me the most of the Apps I reviewed. In the end I found some Firefox centred solutions. I have settled on a couple of extensions namely "autofill" which can be set up with predetermined data for form filling & the much more useful "autoform"

22nd March 2005, 07:17 PM
Robform is an excellent application for PC & the ability to direct the RoboForm encrypted files to a mini drive means (if you are so disposed) that you can remove this data from your PC when you are not using it. Roboform indicates on their web page that a Mac version is unlikely to be produced. I switched from PC to iMac early this year & password management etc is one of the few areas that has not matched or exceeded what I had in the PC World (ie Roboform). Here is what I have worked out in the last 2/3 months:

I have found nothing in the Macworld to match Roboform.

The best way to save notes/text data ( a Robform function) is to create a keychain dedicated to this task.

Safari has a password system integrated with Keychain, ... but Keychain does not integrate with any other browser.

I am using Firefox which has an integrated password manager & the resulting file is encrypted ... but not sure how secure this is & to date have not found any info on this on Firefox webpages. This password manager (unlike Roboform) does not pick up all web pages (presumably a configuration matter) ... so Firefox password manager is not a complete solution! I have solved this gap in performance by using Firefox extension "Autoform" ... this does not seem a very elegant application, but does seem to save all password data you throw at it ... and allows you to encrypt passwords (but not user names?). "Autoform" seems web page specific, ... so I am using Firefox extension "Autofill" for automatic completion of address data.

So all in all, an okay outcome, but fragmented & not as good as Roboform, ... and of course it doesn't appear possible to with ease place this encrypted data on a removable mini drive. Another option, some users may want to work into the mix, somehow, is to use Disk Utility to create an encrypted disk image as a virtual fault to save sensitive data.

I would love to achieve a more elegant solution ... but I have seen same question in other message boards ... with no answers forthcoming.