View Full Version : iDVD / Compressor videos outputting to single field

24th July 2007, 12:48 PM
Got a strangish query - I've just finished a project in FCP (source footage was in HDV, and the QT files output by FCP are 1920x1080, still interlaced).

There's a bit of text throughout the video - obviously in Quicktime I can toggle high quality and
de-interlace, but I avoid using single field in order to avoid the text becoming 'crumbly'.

Anyway, I tried two things - sending the file to iDVD and encoding the files by creating an iDVD disc; and sending the files to Compressor and creating m2v files directly.

In each case, the files that are output by each program appear to have a field taken out, as the resultant text is extremely crumbly. I've tried toggling the interlacing and quality back on in the QT file and re-encoding, but the results are the same.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated - all I want is for the encoded video to look somewhat nice/polished!