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21st July 2007, 10:54 AM
Well here I go again bitching. I ordered my ipod from the apple.com.au store VIA CHINA Factory 8 days ago and I still have not received it . I look at the TNT tracking and it appears my ipod is doing a merry dance to some tune (maybe it is Shakria's Whenever,Whatever )as it goes up and down the eastern seaboard. As I live in FNQ between Cairns and Townsville I am starting to wonder when the tune might stop and I will have it in my little hands, meanwhile calling TNT FFW.

Look at the lame excuses for the apparent delays!

Tracking My ipod

Date Time Location Status

20 Jul 2007 19:30 Sydney 1st Call Delivery Call Program, Appointment Made With Receiver (what's this?)

19 Jul 2007 10:13 Brisbane Import Received

19 Jul 2007 10:13 Brisbane Potential Linehaul Delay Due To Technical Problems

19 Jul 2007 03:40 Sydney Potential Connection Delay

18 Jul 2007 12:00 Sydney Routing Error - Potential Delay

18 Jul 2007 11:23 Sydney Released From Customs

16 Jul 2007 16:57 Suzhou Shipped From Originating Depot
16 Jul 2007 16:41 Suzhou Consignment Received At Transit Point
16 Jul 2007 15:00 Suzhou Delivery Address Incorrect / Incomplete / Missing
16 Jul 2007 09:00 Suzhou Consignment Picked Up

21st July 2007, 11:46 AM
tried ringing TNT?

I ordered something from sydney the other day and it got to adelaide next day via TNT

21st July 2007, 02:24 PM
Damn, thats really odd.. I definately would call them!