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15th July 2007, 08:46 PM
I have a strange problem with EyeTV software on my iMac G5. I have 2 EyeTV recorders, EyeTV for DTT (T2) and an EyeTV Hybrid. The problem I am having, is that EyeTV will only wake my iMac up from sleep to record programs some of the time. My problem may be related to have 2 different EyeTV units, but I wasn't having any problems with EyeTV 2.3.2, only when updating to 2.4.1. I have since tried reverting back to 2.3.2 but the problems still exist.

I find that if I want to schedule a recording between 20:00 and 22:00 on any night, my iMac does not wake up and record it. If the iMac is not sleeping during this time, then it will record.

I have an IceTV account and I have tried to use the PIMP service. I find that anything that I have chosen to record from the IceTV guide directly or through PIMP won't record. My iMac refuses to wake up and record; it is as if I never set up these programs to record. The only way I can have something record is to to go into the schedules section and manually set a station and time for what I want to record. This method only works for programs that start before 20:00.

I find this all very odd and have deleted EyeTV and reinstalled to no avail. Short of tearing my hair out, I think I will just reinstall OSX and a fresh EyeTV (somewhere around 2.3.2) instead of 2.4.1.

Has anyone else been having problems with EyeTV and multiple recorders? I would say that since 10.4.9 and EyeTV 2.4.X, that my EyeTV experience has become more random and buggy.

15th July 2007, 09:22 PM
Sorry but, there appears to be an inherent problem with iMac G5s and USB Eyetv compatibility. Have a look through this thread and contact Elagato to log your problem. They may have worked out an answer by now.