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11th July 2007, 07:39 PM
Hi folks,

My OS X (10.4.10) Mail.App seems to have lost the ability to receive some HTML-based messages.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

I get an HTML newsletter from The Australian which displays without a hitch, however, my Google World newsletter and Daily Dilbert don't - All I get is a few sheets of plain text and links to the appropriate spot.

I'm very sure that all the appropriate Mail preferences are set and I can't pinpoint any download or install that coincided with the loss of functionality.

I know it's a really minor issue but if anyone has any comments or clues I'd be greatful.

Many thanks in advance.

11th July 2007, 07:45 PM
Just a note for everyone, I added to the title of this thread to make it easier to find in the future etc.

On topic, what's the Google World newsletter? I'm not sure what's going on...my first thought is to have one of these forwarded to me so I can see it and figure out what's wrong.

11th July 2007, 08:28 PM
This is the Google Earth (sorry, not World) newsletter I get - normally in a nice HTML format:

Trouble viewing this email? Click here to read the Sightseer: http://bbs.keyhole.com/ubb/z0302a1700/july07.htm

Monthly Newsletter for Google Earth, earth.google.com
July 2007

In This Issue:

-- Highlights --
What's New in Google Earth
New Google Earth Outreach Initiative
New and Improved Geo Search

-- Explore Further --
Chief Amir Visits Google Headquarters
GuiWeather.com - Global Real-time Lightning
London Eye Shadow
Placemarks of the Month
July Calendar
Want More?

*Please note that Google Earth 4 was released on January 8, 2007. Make sure you download the latest version. Some content mentioned in this newsletter will only work properly on Google Earth 4.


Where in the World?


Where in the world is this place? Name the geographic feature in front of you (hint: turn on the terrain layer), and the airport behind the mountain. ( http://www.keyhole.com/body.php?c=popup&h=about&t=whereWorldContest&kid=%3Cfont%20color=%27blue%27%3E%3CProduct%3E%3C/font%3E&e=%3Cfont%20color=%27blue%27%3Ehogscape%40gmail.co m%3C/font%3E ). We'll email the winners and post the results ( http://bbs.keyhole.com/ubb/postlist.php/Cat/0/Board/khGlobe ). The first five correct submissions will win a Google Earth t-shirt.


What's New in Google Earth

Each month we highlight the newest additions to the built in Google Earth content. If you haven't been subscribing to Sightseer for long ( http://earth.google.com/sightseer_signup.html ), you might want to check the forum for previous editions ( http://bbs.keyhole.com/ubb/postlist.php/Cat/0/Board/khGlobe ).

New and Updated Layers - On June 26th we added several new layers to Google Earth and updated several others: ( http://bbs.keyhole.com/ubb/z0302a1700/newlayers707.jpg )

New Road Layers - The following countries now have detailed roads: Croatia, Slovakia, and Slovenia, and Sweden. In Sweden you can do local business searches and get driving directions in addition to seeing the roads in Google Earth. Also, you can use a Swedish version of Google Maps: maps.google.se ( http://maps.google.se )

New Global Awareness Layers - As part of the new Google Earth Outreach ( http://earth.google.com/outreach/index.html#utm_source=en-nws-sitsr&utm_medium=nws-sitsr&utm_campaign=en ) initiative (read below) we are sharing several new layers under the Global Awareness layer:

* Global Heritage Fund (GHF) - The GHF Global Awareness layer explores cultural heritage sites around the world that GHF is working to preserve for future generations. From ancient Mayan Mirador pyramids buried in Guatemalan forests threatened by clear cutting to the crumbling Lijiang Ancient Town in China, GHF takes users to these endangered archaeological treasures of human civilization and details the efforts to save them in partnership with local governments and resources.
* Earthwatch Expeditions - The Earthwatch Global Awareness layer enables users to virtually visit more than 100 volunteer Earthwatch expeditions in Google Earth, from recording the activities of lemurs in Madagascar to determining the impact of climate change on grey whale populations in Mexico and Canada. Enthusiasts and would-be volunteers can explore scientific field research projects in progress around the world and learn how they can help collect field data in the areas of rainforest ecology, wildlife conservation, marine science, archaeology, and more.
* Fair Trade Certified - The TransFair USA layer introduces users to the over 70 Fair Trade Co-ops located throughout Latin America, Asia and Africa. Fair trade is an innovative market-based approach to sustainable development that helps family farmers in developing countries gain direct access to markets and develop the business capacity necessary to compete in the global marketplace.

Updated Geographic Web Layers - We have made the icons for the Geographic Web layers smaller round colored icons. Each of three colors represent the sub-layers from before: Panoramio photo placemarks (blue), Wikipedia placemarks (purple), and Best of Google Earth Community (tan). When you zoom in closer, the icons switch to normal icons. The changes were designed to help make information visible while reducing the obstructions to the view of terrain and imagery. The Panoramio layer now has 200,000 additional photos - for a total of 1.2 million photos visible in Google Earth.


New Google Earth Outreach Initiative
( http://bbs.keyhole.com/ubb/z0302a1700/janegoodall.jpg )

When Google Earth launched two years ago, it was fun to see that many people around the world used it to fly to their homes, navigate around their neighborhoods, and explore the planet. But when, in September 2005, it was used to rescue stranded victims in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, we realized that Google Earth had the potential to be a significant tool beyond personal exploration. We began to see public-benefit KMLs created for things like environmental protection and global public health. A large number of non-profit groups started contacting us, asking good questions: can Google Earth help us illustrate our projects in a new and more compelling manner than text and slideshows? Are there methods or tools for importing our existing data into Google Earth? Can you tell us about any other non-profits we've been successful at using GE to reach a new audience, raise awareness, gain volunteers, inspire people into action, and create a tangible impact?

We listened carefully and worked on this for more than a year, and now, the answer is "Yes!" We're formally launching Google Earth Outreach, ( http://earth.google.com/outreach/index.html#utm_source=en-nws-sitsr&utm_medium=nws-sitsr&utm_campaign=en ) a program designed to empower non-profit groups with the resources, tools, and inspiration that they need to leverage the power of Google Earth for their cause. This is where public service groups can find online guides and video tutorials, inspiring case studies and a gallery of high-quality, public-benefit KML. We are offering free Google Earth Pro licenses to qualified non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations. And the Earth Outreach team is also moderating a forum ( http://groups.google.com/group/google-earth-outreach/topics/#utm_source=en-nws-sitsr&utm_medium=nws-sitsr&utm_campaign=en ) to foster discussion, exchange ideas, and give technical support.

We're excited to see the birth of Google Earth Outreach, and it's truly an honor for us to be able to support the critically important work of these groups. As Dr. Jane Goodall said, "Only if we understand can we care. Only if we care will we help. With Google Earth Outreach, more people have the chance to see, to care, and then to act."

You can also watch a video ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYJwxnD9JmY#utm_source=en-nws-sitsr&utm_medium=nws-sitsr&utm_campaign=en ) of the announcement and hear Jane Goodall's thoughts about the program.


New and improved Geo search ( http://bbs.keyhole.com/ubb/z0302a1700/desktop_icon_image_large.bmp )

Following the introduction of search for KML content in Google Earth in February, we are excited to announce the large strides we have taken since. First, the search functionality is now available on both Google Earth and Google Maps, but more importantly it now also provides results from GeoRSS files and content created by users on Google Maps. Also new are the details for the results; you now see the complete information, with images, contained in the placemark and a link to open the source file. So now it's easier to search for anything about any place, in just one more step in making the world's geo-referenced information easily accessible and useful.


Chief Almir Visits Google Headquarters ( http://bp3.blogger.com/_4CCd2LdAOCg/RnbBg1GYBrI/AAAAAAAAACk/14U-YqyaQxY/s1600-h/chief-and-rebecca.jpg )

The Google Earth team has been working with the Amazon Conservation Team ( http://www.amazonteam.org/ ) to provide aid to help protect the Brazilian Amazon forests (as was mentioned in our December Sightseer). ( http://bbs.keyhole.com/ubb/showthreaded.php/Cat/0/Number/717983/an/0/page/0#sec2 )

The Amazon rainforest and its indigenous peoples are disappearing rapidly. This has serious consequences locally and globally, both for our environment and for the cultural diversity of our planet. If you look at the land of the Surui Indian tribe today in Google Earth (search on "Ministro Andreazza, Brazil" and then head due east), you'll see that their "island" of healthy, green, primary rainforest is surrounded almost completely by clear-cut, barren land. The stark contrast at their boundary is dramatic, and begins to convey what is at stake. ( http://bp3.blogger.com/_4CCd2LdAOCg/RnbBF1GYBqI/AAAAAAAAACc/OjGBbpRgoO8/s1600-h/approximate+border+of+surui+lands.jpg )

Recently we were honored to meet with Chief Almir, leader of the Surui Indian tribe in the Brazilian Amazon. Chief Almir had travelled for many hours and thousands of miles to our Google headquarters in Mountain View to propose that we work together to annotate Google Earth with informative markers and photographs that show the Surui villages, hunting grounds, sacred sites, and cultural sites as well as areas where they've found illegal mining and logging incursions onto their land. By doing so, he hopes to raise global awareness of the Surui people$#39;s struggle to preserve their land and culture, by reaching the more than 250 million Google Earth users around the world.

In the early 1980's, Almir's father, Chief Marimo, entered into tribal legend by single-handedly stopping a logging truck full of men with machine guns and revolvers, using only his bow and arrow. His son, Chief Almir, told us that he had realized that the time had now come "to put down the bow and arrow, and pick up the laptop." We're excited to help Chief Almir on this project. It will take time, but when completed, we hope that it will have a positive impact on the lives of the Surui people and other Amazon tribes.


GuiWeather - Real-time Global Lightning ( http://bbs.keyhole.com/ubb/z0302a1700/guiweather.jpg )

Last month, a new weather web site called GuiWeather ( http://guiweather.com/ ) introduced a Google Earth network link which lets you view real-time lightning data ( http://www.guiweather.com/kml/lightning/lightningLoader.kml ) around the world. Not only do you get current lightning strike location information, but the data is time stamped and you can play an animation of strikes during the past 15-30 minutes. The data comes from a World Wide Lightning Location Network (WWLLN) which uses sferic sensors to detect lightning strikes. Simply click the time slider "Play" button (a right arrow button) which appears to the right of the time slider. Or, read the instructions ( http://www.guiweather.com/wwl.html ) for the lightning layer.

The GuiWeather site has also released weather information including a US National Nexrad Radar ( http://www.guiweather.com/kml/radar/radarLoader.kml ) layer. Load the radar layer to see the storms which are causing the lightning strikes you are seeing from the previous layer. Also available is a weather layer showing weather data from buoys and ships ( http://www.guiweather.com/kml/tropical/shipAndBuoy.kml ) around the world. See their KML library ( http://www.guiweather.com/kml.html ) for the current collection of weather layers available.


London Eye Shadow
( http://www.barnabu.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/london-eye-shadow-in-google-earth_medium.gif )

This story is not about putting cosmetics on the city of London. A 3D modeler named James Stafford has published a technique ( http://www.barnabu.co.uk/applying-eye-shadow-to-google-earth/ ) for adding animating shadows to 3D models placed in Google Earth by using the free Google Sketchup( http://sketchup.google.com/ ). He chose to add a shadow for his 3D model of the London Eye ferris wheel. His technique takes advantage of SketchUp's built-in ability to mimic the sun's location and generate shadows from 3D models. James generated a shadow for each position of the Ferris wheel as the wheel turns. He then added a KML time stamp to each position which allows you to play an animation in Google Earth. He also added an image overlay where he removed the original view of the London Eye from the satellite photo. Try clicking on the thumbnail above to see a brief video. Or, you can load the London Eye with Shadows (880 Kbytes) animation ( http://www.barnabu.co.uk/files/kmz/london-eye-shadow.kmz ) into Google Earth to see it in 3D by following these instructions:

* After the file loads, look for the time slider control at the top of the screen
* Access the time control options by clicking on the white clock icon to the left of the slider
* Set the repeat mode to "wrap"
* Ensure that "clamp beginning of time window" is off
* Click OK
* Hit the play button (the triangular right arrow) on the right of the slider
* If need be, the speed can be varied via the time control options
* GE takes a little while to load in all the separate parts of the animation, resulting in flickering at first


Placemarks of the Month

Realistic Earth - Adds Sun, Moon, and night shadow to GE ( http://www.gearthhacks.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&act=down&id=22720 )
See Post ( http://www.gearthhacks.com/dlfile22720/Realistic-Add-On.htm )

Loop de loop ( http://bbs.keyhole.com/ubb/download.php?Number=699547 )
See Post ( http://bbs.keyhole.com/ubb/showthreaded.php/Number/699547 )

Prisoner Doing Pushups ( http://googlesightseeing.com/gearth/prisoner-doing-press-ups.kml )
See Story ( http://googlesightseeing.com/2007/06/07/prisoner-doing-press-ups/ )


July Calendar

Click on the links below to fly to places associated with this month's events. Don't forget to click on the Placemarks in Google Earth to read the descriptions.

July 1 - Russian State Library Founded
July 4 - US Independence Day
July 5 - Cape Verde Independence
July 12 - Henry XIII Marries Sixth Wife
July 14 - Bastille Day
July 16 - Apollo 11 Launched
July 17 - Disneyland Opens in 1955
July 20 - Sir Edmund Hillary Born
July 25 - Lance Armstrong 1st Tour de France Win
July 28 - Beatrix Potter Born
July 31 - Earliest Recorded Eruption of Mt. Fuji


Want More?

Useful web sites for more Google Earth information.
Google Lat Long Blog ( http://google-latlong.blogspot.com/#utm_source=en-nws-sitsr&utm_medium=nws-sitsr&utm_campaign=en )
Google Earth Gallery ( http://earth.google.com/gallery/#utm_source=en-nws-sitsr&utm_medium=nws-sitsr&utm_campaign=en )
Google Earth Community ( http://bbs.keyhole.com/#utm_source=en-nws-sitsr&utm_medium=nws-sitsr&utm_campaign=en )


If you have any questions or suggestions, please click here ( http://earth.google.com/support ) to use our support help center.

To subscribe, click here: http://earth.google.com/sightseer_signup.html
To unsubscribe, send an email to: genewsletter@google.com with UNSUBSCRIBE as the subject line

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11th July 2007, 08:58 PM
Quick fix!.... Delete your subscriptions to google earth and daily Dilbert!

But seriously, I can't think why that would be happening. Preference settings should affect all incoming mail.:confused:

Try deleting the mail preferences folder.

11th July 2007, 11:10 PM
Delete Mail Prefs? Sounds good.
How do I do that?

12th July 2007, 02:34 AM
Or, maybe just :cmd:[ or :cmd:] ?


12th July 2007, 08:44 PM
Holy moly, where did you pull that trick from???

It worked. Don't know why.

Happy. Many thanks Dotnet!!!!

12th July 2007, 08:53 PM
what is that function called?

12th July 2007, 11:34 PM
Menu -> View -> Message -> Next/Previous Alternative


13th July 2007, 08:29 PM
Any idea why the view doesn't default to that? It used to...

Thanks heaps for the insight.

14th July 2007, 02:45 AM
Any idea why the view doesn't default to that? It used to...

Not entirely sure, I know I set it to plain text ages ago, but don't remember how (through the GUI). Maybe I did it in the plist, I have:

$ defaults read com.apple.mail PreferPlainText

See what you've got. You can turn that off in the terminal with:

$ defaults write com.apple.mail PreferPlainText 0

After restart, mail should then display rich text or HTML content rather than plain text by default.


17th July 2007, 09:28 PM
Thanks so much for you help Steffen - that worked a treat!