View Full Version : Airport just won't work!

26th January 2005, 07:07 PM
Can anyone help?

After following the instructions to set up my airport express base station, then danm thing just refuses to work. The Airport just flashes yellow constantly, even if I reset it, and go through the Airport Setup assistant, and re-set it up. After calling my service provider and the modem people, no one can help me?

What one earth am I doing wrong and why is it all so hard?

I'm setting up the connection using a straight DSL link (not PPPOE or anything like that) but it just doesn't seem to register. If I plug the ethernet cable straight into my computer everything works fine. how come this works, but as soon as the ethernet cable is in the airport, all of a sudden the internet connection isn't recognised.

what makes matters worse is the fact that when i run through the setup assistant, my network settings tell me I am connected to the internet via Ariport, but alas, the internet doesn't load and I cannot download emails!!

if anyone has any advice to offer I am all ears!

26th January 2005, 07:46 PM

I set one up just recently and all went well.

I would first of all, make sure that you have nothing connected to the Express before you set it up. Make sure it is just a basic setup (broadcasting SSID and NO security at all - just for starters).

Reset the unit and run through the Airport Express software making just a basic setup. Make sure you can attach to the unit OK, and you signal strength is OK (the bars in the airport icon at top of screen signify signal strength).

Then, before attaching anything, after saving settings to the Express, power it off, wait a few ticks (10 seconds) and power it back on. It should come up with a solid green light after approx 30 seconds. Your Mac (or PC) should detect it. If not (either detection or green light), then you have a hardware issue. If so, connect your ADSL modem and make sure you have a light in the Ethernet (or LAN) light on your modem. If not, you may wish to check your ethernet cable. Some modems auto detect between cross over and straight through, others need a specific type for a specific situation. Check you manual, or repost the brand/model of your modem.

If all goes well, you should then make sure to start locking down your Express. I recommend using WPA, as WEP is basically useless.

Also, check your firmware revision. 6.1.1 is out and you should update to that if you can.

Good luck...