View Full Version : Lost my built-in sound device...

26th January 2005, 09:52 AM
Yeah, it's me again :)

Have finished salvaging my HDD with DiskWarrior and installed a LaCie d2 160GB External HDD via a FW 400 port, backing up successfully. Phew!

So I turn on my 12" PB G4 867Mhz this morning and find I can't get any sound. Can't even get the built-in microphone or speaker to come up on the menus in Preferences: Sound.

Odd, because I recorded some interviews yesterday via my iMic without a problem and shortly afterwar used my earphones via the PB earphone jack (not the iMic jack) to check the recordings.

I can plug in my USB Griffin iMic which then appears in the Sound Devices option and get sound through that via the same earphones, but once I remove it, nothing.

Even if I isolate everything else.

I've checked the Apple Resource Documents and Help but nothing seems to cover it.

Any suggestions?



26th January 2005, 08:07 PM
First I'd try deleting your Sound preferences - do a search and delete anything (within reason, be a little careful) revolving around this in your preferences folder.

Have you tried Zapping the PRAM, along with resetting the power manager of your Powerbook? Something might have occurred, ie. a corrupt file/preference when you transferred all your old data over.