View Full Version : help - combining multiple DVDS into one DVD - how to???

28th June 2007, 11:31 AM
hi there all - I have a question that will help me get mucho brownie points with my girlfriend if I (i mean you) can sort out this problem for her.

She records a lot of TV shows onto DVD (What about brian, Grey's anotomy etc) and she records them in one big 4-hour hit, so what happens is she ends up with about 4 or 5 DVD with a few different shows on each - for example:

DVD 01
- what about... 25/06/07
- greys... 25/06/07
- what about... 6/07/07
- home & away... 7/07/07

DVD 02
- what about... 13/07/07
- home & away... 14/07/07

so what she wants to be able to do is RIP the chapters off of each DVD and combine them so that each individual show has its own DVD. (ie one with just "What about brian" etc)

She has a Macbook, and Mac the Ripper and Toast - I guess I just need someone with a bit of knowledge to tell me how to burn JUST the chapters that are required once they have been ripped. We have tried to do this but for some reason they just won't burn.

cheers for any help - simon