View Full Version : OSX - Epson R2400 printing issues

22nd June 2007, 01:24 PM
So with the advent of intel based Macs farmboy finally decided to make the switch. 3 months later and the switch is almost complete but for 1 major problem. Printing.

Farmboy does a lot of photo printing on an Epson R2400 printer. When he prints a photo from within an OS X app it comes out looking like crap. The problem doesn't appear to be a colour management issue but rather a printer setting. You see, an 8x10 photo at 300DPI takes less than a minute to print from Aperture or Photoshop. The colour looks a little off but the resolution looks way way down. In short, the result is crap.

Here's the thing. If farmboy starts up Win XP in Parallels and prints the same image in QImage Pro, the image comes out with the colours true to what appears on the screen and at what appears to be a much higher resolution. However the printer takes around 5 minutes to print the image.

Colour profiles aside, what is farmboy not doing, or doing wrong when printing in OS X?