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22nd January 2005, 05:23 PM
Am I cursed? Replacement iPod #2 has the same problems.

Original 4G iPod had a severe battery crisis so it was replaced by Apple under warranty after two weeks. Replacement iPod #1 had a good battery, but severe firewire problems in that:
- it would never connect to any PC or Mac that I tried using firewire, but never missed a beat with USB.
- when charging from the AC adapter & firewire cable, the whole screen would turn black rather than showing the charging animation.
This was sent back to Apple after a week & replacement iPod #2 has just arrived. I plugged in to the charger & my PC: Arrggghhh!! It did the same thing. Black screen on charging. No firewire connection to my PC or another Powerbook.

This kind of leads to me to suspect either that;
- there is a batch of firewire deficient iPods out there & that Iíve been really unlucky.
- or that a combination my PC or the cable or power adapter is toasting the firewire controllers in these iPods (the cables werenít replaced, only the iPod itself).
(Although interestingly, the original iPod charged fine; I donít know if I ever checked firewire on the PC with it)

I did connect another iPod (3G) through my firewire cable & power adapter & it charged correctly, likewise that firewire cable allowed it to mount on the Powerbook as expected. My iPod didn't work with the other firewire cable.

As for the firewire connection on my PC, it is a fairly generic 1394 controller built into the motherboard. Itís never had a problem connecting to my hard-drive or my old iBook in target mode though. I understand that there have been connectivity issues with some of these & iPods. I could quite happily live with the fact that it alone wouldnít connect. But I really want it all to work properly, especially as I will be picking up a second hand G3 iMac in a few weeks time, with the intention of storing my music on it.

Iíve done all the usual tricks: reset, restore to the latest iPod software, latest version of iTunes etc.

Iím hesitant about sending this iPod back to Apple for replacement #3, but donít really have much choice if want to use it on a G3.

Any thoughts?

22nd January 2005, 05:33 PM
Dear milliedog,

Yes, you are cursed. And no, there is no Santa Claus.

Seriously though, I would suspect a dodgy FireWire chip could potentially do damage to the FireWire controller on the iPod. Which could explain the second failed iPod. But then again, have you seen any black cats in a smashed mirror under a ladder recently?

22nd January 2005, 06:01 PM
Sounds feasible that the dodgy PC FW controller is to blame, but I'm sure that at least one replacement (#1 probably) was plugged into the charger BEFORE the PC & it did the black screen thing then.

If I get a new iPod (replacement #3), it's not going anywhere near the PC!!!

22nd January 2005, 08:06 PM
Hi milliedog,

I would not say cursed, but you are having the same issues I had. The problem is that your "replacment" pod was probably a reconditiond one, and for this reason they have alot of faliures.

You are not alone. I bought a 40GB third generation iPod at the start of this year and the battery lasted about five hours to being with, which I was happy with but about two months later, the battery life went down to two hours, one of my mates said get it replaced. I did.

Second iPod, from when I first got it (and I will tell you that it was a reconditioned one) was lasting about an hour and a half if I was lucky. So I sent Apple an e-mail telling them I was not happy, a fair bit of time later, I said I wanted my money back, which I got, and with that I bought a new 60GB iPod Photo which is lasting almost 16 hours, so I am happy.

Persist, and if worse comes to worse demand a refund due to your producting "not working as advertised".

23rd January 2005, 08:03 AM
Good advice Hawkeye, but I'm certain that both replacements so far have been brand new; still in the "Don't steal music" wrapper with not a scratch or fingerprint on the back.