View Full Version : Welcome to the Bjango and iSlayer support forum!

18th June 2007, 03:36 PM
In here, you can discuss anything related to Bjango (http://bjango.com) or iSlayer (http://islayer.com).

- Support for their products (i.e: HELP IT ISN'T WORKING!)
- Feature requests (It would be nice to have...)
- General chat about their products (Wow, iStat menus is cool because seeing how fast my fans go is fun!)

So if it's got to do with iSlayer or Bjango, or you want to have a chat with the dudes directly, this is where it all goes down!

If you do have a support question, make sure to check out the Bjango help (http://bjango.com/help/) or iSlayer help (http://islayer.com/help/), as chances are, you aren't the first to have a similar problem. If that fails, feel free to post in here with your query.

If you really enjoy their donationware apps and widgets, don't forget to donate! (http://www.islayer.com/donate/)