View Full Version : Parallel text for a translation

17th June 2007, 10:38 AM
Some time ago, I was asking if anyone knew how to get two A5 pages side-by-side on an A4 page in Word, ready for publication.
Got several great answers and the resultant book (a colleague's course reader) came out fantastically.
Ended up using the "Save as PDF" option, then straight to the press.

Now I have a more difficult situation.
I need to get a translation ready for publication, with the original French on the left of an A4 page and the English translation on the right.
Using columns is not an option because the left-hand text will flow into the right and I need to keep them separate.
Is there any way I can do this in Word (2004 for Mac)?
The only other layout software I have is Pages and, as this is pretty much a one-off, can't justify the $ outlay on pro DTP software.
(Translators are paid very badly!)
All help gratefully received as ever.