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16th June 2007, 05:47 PM
My 'storage' computer is a PMG4 667 Digital Audio. I know its old, but I can't justify the expense for a new MacPro, when all I want is a Headless iMac. That being said, the PMG4 is working fine, albeit slowly. I am using iPhoto 6 (iLife '06), with all the latest updates).

My iPhoto Library is about to cross 4,000 Photos (at about 4 Gigs). I have them backed up five times on separate DVD's and computers. I even keep a copy at work just to be sure, however iPhoto is near useless, as it runs like my G3 did GarageBand - sloooow. I can't move the mouse without seeing the Beachball, and, if I have Safari, Entourage and iTunes open, the computer grinds to a halt. What can be done to speed iPhoto up? I'm not replacing the computer, so don't bother. I have the three (yes, three) Ram Slots full, with 1.5 Gigs in the machine, but that isn't helping.

Also, how do I print a proper 4x6 Image onto 4x6 Paper? Is that possible, or am I always going to get a Centmetre of white space on one side?

Thanks for your help.

16th June 2007, 05:56 PM
Have you tried to rebuild the database? Can't remember the keyboard command to do it now but it was discussed here very recently. I run iPhoto 5, which is slower, with 50% more pictures than you and it's fine. Not a speed demon but perfectly usable. I do have a somewhat faster machine but my last was not all that much higher specced than yours & it was fine with a big library too. The slowdown with many apps open sounds like RAM starvation.

Don't know about the white space on one side issue though I have read about it on the tubernets somewhere. Someone has a fix. :)