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7th June 2007, 03:05 PM
Yes, we have been very busy and decided to release a new update to Turret Wars. It's not that we have nothing better to do with our time.. it's just that we keep thinking up more cool ideas and dont want to wait to implement them :)


What's new in Turret Wars 1.5?

Shield Bunkers that enable Turret Shields
Collect Mega Blast power-up bunkers and use when desired
New extra difficulty level - "Bring it on"
Drop ships that re-spawn new enemy turrets during game play ("Bring It On" feature only)
2x fantastic new environments (Dark Monoliths & Ring Arena) - 8 Environments now!
Set and Restore your current Turret rotation
Revised and expanded scoring system with full game statistics
Filter the highscores ladder in-game to see ALL or just YOUR scores
Turn music on/off during game play

Please note that we have not released a new Demo for Turret Wars 1.5... The demo is still version 1.2

Cheers :-)

11th June 2007, 07:36 PM
Im looking for recommendations for places to submit news/releases regarding Turret Wars and our future game releases. Other than here of course :-)

There seem to be soo many gaming websites/portals/forums that everything on them seems to either get lost, or never hit a good number of eyes before it all gets burried.

Does anyone here have any suggestions? Where do you all generally read up on most of your gaming or general software news?

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11th June 2007, 09:18 PM
Yeah, I have used Mac-Update and version Tracker, but Pure-Mac was one I had never seen before, thanks :-)

What about gaming sites? Are there any that people frequent?

While the internet makes sharing of information easy... it makes finding the right places to share a huge challenge!