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3rd June 2007, 04:52 PM

I am wondering if anyone knows what's the best method of creating a DVD of a photo slideshow that MAINTAINS the original quality of the photos?

I have tried using iPhoto and exporting the slideshow to iDVD at the largest movie size (640x480) and after compression on iDVD, it just looks horrible when played on both my 40inch HD LCD TV, but also on my 15inch MacbookPro screen as well as. Prior to export to DVD, if I play the slideshow directly from iPhoto on my laptop screen, or even on my LCD TV via HDMI, the quality is crystal clear, so it must be a compression issue. I have read that similar problems arise when creating slideshows from iMovie which you then export to iDVD.

It should be simple and I don't know if I am missing something here. Surely, the iLife suite should let you create slideshows that you can burn onto DVD at full quality to be played on TV, or else it would defeat the whole purpose of the exercise. Does anyone have any ideas on how to make this work?


3rd June 2007, 05:12 PM
set your screensaver to use your photos and give that a try mind you LCD's are terrible anyway.

3rd June 2007, 05:18 PM
Sorry, I think you misunderstood my post...I'm trying to create a DVD from my photos, not just watch them on my screen - create a DVD so that I can give it to someone else to watch the photo slideshow using their own DVD player.

3rd June 2007, 05:37 PM
I have had the best success with Fotomagico. Not 100% sure you can do it at full res (isn't max for a DVD a little less than 640x480 anyway???).

You can download a trial and play around with it to test it first, but I have done a fair bit of stuff with this program and then playing them on a projected screen and it looks fine.

3rd June 2007, 05:45 PM
seconded fotomagico, exported QT files are fantastic quality, and seem to work rather well when exported through iDVD (although I don't have a HD TV)

3rd June 2007, 05:56 PM
I read that applying the 'ken burns' effect in imovie, (but obviously starting and ending in the same spot so there's no movement) can give a better result.
Something technical about rendering.
That's what I ended up doing for 4 seperate sets of about 300 images I had to turn into dvds for a presentation, so it might help.
I just can't specifically remember the before/after quality - just that that's what I ended up doing.

Also, this was with imovie and idvd recently past, not current.

3rd June 2007, 07:00 PM
Thanks teamshaw & something2sea. Yes, I have also read some really good reviews about Fotomagico and will use it as a last resort. I just want to see if it's possible to do it with the software from iLife 06 as it's something so basic that I assumed would be possible to do with this new suite rather than to have to buy more third party software. Not that I don't think Fotomagico is a great piece of software, but if you just wanted to create a simple slideshow and burn it onto a DVD at full quality equivalent to what you see when playing it directly off your own mac, it "should" be possible.

thanks mookybaws - my slideshow did use ken burns effects although it didn't make any difference to the quality after the DVD was burnt.