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17th January 2005, 07:05 PM
I recently asked about a Mac equivalent for MS Outlook where you can phone a contact via the PC modem from the contact card using the "Actions" button. I had little feedback from the forum but now have found an application called ABDialer (http:////http://www.macronsoft.com/pages/en/abdialer.html).
It can be tried out for 30 days after which it costs $12.00(US) to register/purchase. The web page does a reasonable job of detailing how ABDialer works. I have downloaded & tested. It seems to deliver on its promises. I had a few squeaks & feedback noises, but once I did a few adjustments everything works just fine & a handy app for those that make above avarage numbers of phone calls. There must be other similar software surely. Anyone out there use this sort of stuff?