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24th April 2007, 04:33 PM
Hi all, looking for some ideas

I am doing a series of user orientation slides in Keynote, which I can write to a Quicktime movie, if required. I am still thinking about adding commentry via Garageband or iMovie??

I aim to use this for user training in apps, etc, but will run this off the company's Windows-based network. (Publish on SharePoint Services and users can run it from there, so it cannot be a massive file). We do not/will not have Quicktime deployed.

Any ideas on how to create this as a Windows Media Player file (eg avi) or even a .pps (Powerpoint Slideshow) without losing any of the Keynote fancy transitions, shadows/reflections on images, etc

Any ideas welcome... What have others done??

Thanks... Rob

24th April 2007, 05:46 PM
If you have QT pro, you can convert your MOV files into nearly anything like MP4 , AVI or even DIVX.

With iMovie you can burn a DVD... videoCD...

You have a good choice of options...