View Full Version : Vodafone possible European frontrunner for iPhone contract?

18th April 2007, 02:55 PM
http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/07/04/17/vodafone_seen_as_frontrunner_for_european_iphone_c ontract.html

Interesting if that is the case, as Vodafone ARE the largest carriers in europe thus far (I'd like to be wrong on that fact, but from what I've seen that is the case).

Australia could follow the same trend perhaps?

18th April 2007, 03:25 PM
By customers, Vodafone are the largest company in Europe. But they've got a bit to go until they catch up to China Mobile, the world's largest.

18th April 2007, 03:33 PM
I really hope that doesnt mean that Softbank in Japan will get the iPhone.. softbank sux.. (were vodafone).

18th April 2007, 03:40 PM
Be nice if Vodafone were the carriers here, doubt it though, Telstra or Optus would be the best carriers (per Apple's needs)...

18th April 2007, 04:08 PM
I got my money on Vodafone and Three (for australia), Telstra shot themselves in the foot with those idiotic comments. Optus could possibly join the parade too since they sold the ROKR prepaid

18th April 2007, 05:50 PM
Considering that both Vodafone and Three are going after roughly the same demographic as Apple is, it would make some sense for either of them to offer iPhone.

18th April 2007, 05:53 PM
I sincerely hope that th likes of Vodafone and Three get a look in. Like other comments above, I think Telstra may have blown it. However, my opinion is just that - opinion - based on no real understanding of the matter.

(So why comment, I hear you say???) :D

18th April 2007, 05:58 PM
Vodafone would be great, they have a government contract - Im a government worker with a vodafone mobile, if vodafone gets the iphone the office gets one for me

18th April 2007, 06:03 PM
I hope its vodafone over three, as there is no three coverage here.

18th April 2007, 06:16 PM
I have very little Three coverage in THE MELBOURNE CBD. Three service = sucks.