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11th March 2004, 11:23 AM
Mac Idol provides 50Mb free song hosting - Free MP3 downloads

www.macidol.com is a great place to host your songs and find completely legal and totally free MP3 music downloads. All genres, including rock, jazz, electronica, indie allowed.

Membership is free and includes 50Mb of free hosting for your MP3 songs, and a PayPal compatible store for selling your CDs.

Walk on the wildside, try something different, try www.macidol.com

(NOTE: I put the top 5 dailies here every Wednesday, and coincidentally, that was me yesterday, hence "Kilroy" is featured, next week I may not be so lucky ;) )
Kilroy de Geek: http://www.macidol.com/jamroom/bands/388/music.php
Kilroy is about as ecclectic as they get, from garage rock to electronica

double A: http://www.macidol.com/jamroom/bands/562/music.php
Double A does all types of music, Ballads, POP, House, Rock, WHATEVER!

John Griffiths: http://www.macidol.com/jamroom/bands/247/music.php
E major generally emits a warm sound to our ears.

Tempest: http://www.macidol.com/jamroom/bands/148/music.php
80+ listens to of Tempest on the first day alone!

LeinaD: http://www.macidol.com/jamroom/bands/229/music.php
Comme "machin", boucles garageBand et squareone, + guitare cort. (that's French apparently ;) )

Become one of the 600 or more artists making music at www.macidol.com

(NOTE: Mac Idol is for original music made on with Macintosh computers only. You must own the copyright on any material you post on Mac Idol, no covers, no piracy, no exceptions.)

11th March 2004, 04:26 PM
"Mac Idol is for original music made on with Macintosh computers only"
How can you tell it's from a Mac? Like.. is there some checking mechanism to test it was made on a Macintosh, not a Windows or Linux box?