View Full Version : Airport Extreme Update 2007-002 Is The Business!

11th March 2007, 02:00 PM
Ever since I got my C2D MacBook Pro late last year I've had the dreaded "Airport drop out" problem when connected to my Airport Extreme Basestation using WPA2 encryption. No amount of fiddling with the basestation's settings or the Mac's Airport settings stopped apparently random connectivity drop outs that only occurred with the MBP. A G4 PB and a Dell Inspiron running Ubuntu had no problems maintaining their connections to the same BS. No previous Airport or other Apple updates helped either, but the newly released Airport Extreme Update 2007-002 seems to have done the trick! I now have had a solid connection from the MBP to the AEBS for several days with not a single drop out since installing this update. The Airport signal indicator in the menu bar is also solidly at 3 or 4 bars all the time, previously it would randomly drop back to 2 or even 1 bar at various times, often just before the connection was lost completely.

This update is supposed to only address unspecified "compatibility issues" with C2D Macs and some 3rd party wireless routers using WEP, but it seems it also helps with Apple's own basestations and WPA2.