View Full Version : Install Win95 via Parallels

6th March 2007, 11:42 PM
ok. so i cleared a couple of cupboard draws chock full of CDs, amongst which i found my original copy of Win95. downloaded Parellels trial - what the heck, there's a couple of old, old win programs i wouldn't mind booting up again.

i found myself a .fdd image file of a Win95 boot floppy.

however, after following the instructions in the Parallels manual for a win95 install, i can execute the fdisk command but on restart i'm told: 'boot from hard drive ..... missing operating system' and then the Parallels screen freezes, not allowing me to do anything.

at this point i was expecting to 'format c:' and then run the setup.exe file on the Win95 install CD.

have i missed a step?

7th March 2007, 08:09 AM
Sounds like the Master Boot Record (MBR) isn't there.

Try booting from your Win95 boot floppy, check/setup your partition with FDISK, and make sure it's set to ACTIVE. Then you can go back to the DOS prompt and do the usual FORMAT C: /S

If no luck, reboot from boot floppy again and type:



7th March 2007, 08:10 PM
thanks, Byrd. i'm booting from a floppy disk image - i don't have the physical boot disk, nor an external floppy drive from which to boot from. from what i've read, tho, the floppy disk image should work.

the floppy drive is set to 'connect at startup'. the hard drive is set to 'enable'.

i restarted the vm and on using the fdisk command again, i now get 'Primary DOS partition already exists'. if i ESC fdisk and then type: format c:, i get 'invalid drive specification'.

... i'm sure at one point i knew all these DOS prompt commands. i clearly have no idea now.

still stuck :(