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26th December 2004, 09:37 AM
Yep, its true, i now have an iPod 20 GB. :) Its awesome...sure beats what i used before....my cassette walkman!!!!! :lol: :lol:

26th December 2004, 01:47 PM
Nice! I now have a 4GB mini (thanks to Wickeddigital... :P) and I love it too... I used a 64MB Nomad Muvo before, so its a big step up in the world! :lol:

26th December 2004, 03:20 PM
I to have joined the swarms of ipod owners and am loving it :)

26th December 2004, 04:49 PM
I cant believe how much better my 40GB sounds that my old Sharp minidisc player... and the ipod headphones are supposed to be crap! Cant wait to get some good head phones!

kim jong il
26th December 2004, 05:23 PM
Originally posted by Ozi@Dec 26 2004, 02:47 PM
Nice! I now have a 4GB mini (thanks to Wickeddigital... :P) and I love it too... I used a 64MB Nomad Muvo before, so its a big step up in the world! :lol:
I was just checking this one out yesterday. I had not realised how amazingly cool the minis are. I had always somehow thought they were bigger and more substantial and was pleasantly surprised to see something not much longer than a credit card, about the same width and about 1 cm thick. Advertising should make more of this I feel. It was quite beautiful. A trip to Wickeddigital seems to be in order. I do believe I will buy one quite soon :)

26th December 2004, 07:44 PM
I agree on the ipod mini's. I bought one for my wife for Christmas and I am amazed by it's size. My in-laws are also impressed. They are die hard Mac/apple haters. But using my ipod and the ipod mini they have decided to buy themselves one each.

I am hoping they go the next step and buy a Mac (most likely the eMac) as they need another computer at home and I am trying to convince them that OSX is far better than XP. That will be another battle I guess.



BTW welcome all new ipod owners I never regretted buying mine. :)

26th December 2004, 09:45 PM



26th December 2004, 10:56 PM
iPod earphones are relatively excellent.,. compared to the ones that came with my Archos AV420 they kill it...

im still thinking at the moment that the ipods sound quality is better than the Archoes.. even though they use the same chip (texas instruments) apparently...

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26th December 2004, 11:12 PM
You&#39;re very proud of your creation aren&#39;t you dana ;)

27th December 2004, 03:50 AM
Can anyone recomend a good skin to protect my baby? I tend to get things scratched (my 2 month old k700i looks like it went through a cement mixer) but i dont like bulky cases etc.. Is there anything thin and tight fitting but tough enough to stop sratching?