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20th February 2007, 09:45 PM
Hi all,

Recently I was trying to free up some disk space and was using Disk Inventory to find large files I could get rid of. While doing so I accidentally moved two directories and their files to the trash. They were:

1. A directory called "Help" containing:
- AirPort.help
- AppleScript.help
- Bluetooth.help
- Dreamweaver API Reference (an alias to???)
- Extending Dreamweaver (an alias to???)
- Getting Started (an alias to???)
- iPodHelp.help
- Lexmark Z24-Z35.help (an alias to???)
- OSXHGuidelines (an alias to???)
- Using Cold Fusion (an alias to??? And why the hell I have that anyway, I don't know...)
- Using Dreamweaver (an alias to???)
- Using the Extension Manager (an alias to???)
- VoiceOver.help
- X422MFPHelp.help

2. A directory called "Documentation" containing:
- Acknowledgements.rtf
- Aladdin (a folder)
- Applications (a folder)
- ARD Acknowledgements.rtf
- Commands (a folder)
- gperf (a folder)
- iMovie (a folder)
- iPod (a folder)
- iTunes (a folder)
- Libraries (a folder)
- RemoteDesktop (a folder)
- Services (a folder)
- User Guides And Information (a folder)

All the folders in the "Documentation" folder appear to contain files related to the Help application/utility. If it is any help I'm using 10.4.8.

Also, if it would help to know what is any of the folders I've not detailed, please let me know and I'll list the contents.

Hope there's someone here who can help me...



21st February 2007, 01:19 AM
1- HD > Library

2- HD > Library

Found by lookng up both in finder (PPC 10.4.8)

21st February 2007, 06:44 PM
Thanks! All back home now.