View Full Version : iPhone as a "gateway" product?

Johnny Appleseed
7th February 2007, 11:49 AM
The iPod's "halo effect" has been referenced ad nauseum these past few years, but it hasn't yet translated into massive market share gains for the Mac. Sure, Apple has been growing faster than the industry, but the Mac still only accounts for around 5% of the US market, and even less in Australia and worldwide. (Admittedly the installed base is slightly higher).

I believe the iPhone has a better chance of driving Mac sales. Once it takes off, and people realize they're actually using a portable version of OS X, suddenly the idea of buying a fully fledged Mac doesn't seem so scary. They'll already be familiar with apps like Safari, Address Book and iTunes. And if Apple follows up the iPhone with other portable OS X-based devices (like a true tablet or subnotebook), the appeal will be even greater.

So we shouldn't be too transfixed on desktop market share. The future is in mobile devices, and Apple is making its play. And if it's successful, it might just bring desktop market share with it.