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20th December 2004, 10:13 AM
gday all,

ive just got a 40gb ipod and my question with itunes is...each time i dowload a mp3 of the net..i store it in a folder called d:\downloads for example..now to include this into my itunes library..do i have to keep adding the file(s) each time.
also when i have made different playlists to sort out the different types of mp3's i have..is there any way of MOVING the mp3's from the main library to the actuall playilist..the reason i ask this is that its hard to keep tabs on what new tracks you have and wether they are added into their relevant playlist or not...the way i do it now is that if i have downloades 5 mp3's for example..i import the files into the itunes library and then from there try and find them in my many mp3's which i have..(this takes ages cos they could be anywhere in the library) and then from there i drag and drop them into the playlist..if i was able to move these mp3's from the library then the new mp3's would stand out as they would be the only mp3's which arent in any playlist..
does this make sense?? please someone help!!

20th December 2004, 10:50 AM
I have no experience with iTunes for Windblows, but it sounds like you have to add them manually. iTunes won't understand the proprietary M$ WMP encoded songs, so maybe you try downloading Mp3's from limewire, and then see if it imports the songs automatically. This may help.

Your question is very badly worded, but the way i see it is you want to hear the newly downloaded songs in your library, leaving the older ones down the bottom of the line. the way to do that is to ctrl(right?) click on the menu bar near song name etc, and then choose 'date added'. Only 'Smart Playlists' automatically upload songs, and the other play lists are only indexes of songs in your library, so, no if you want to see songs only in playlists, you will have to check manually.

20th December 2004, 11:43 AM
iTunes keeps more than one playlist and if you note iTunes will move the files around .. when you play any one song. The proper way to get them organised is to actually make sure all the relevant information is either embedded or manually typed in.
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This will add the file to the correct album and by the correct author it will also index the file as to the favourites playlists, most often played etc.

Edit: Songs added to iTunes with information(CD text) like this below will all fall into unknown artist and or unknown album folders

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if you do it this way, it will find its way into a Folder in Tunes music folder named "Paul Kelly and the Coloured Girls" and be stored inside another folder named "Gossip" and will be listed as song #20

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Heh the reason I added all those categories is that each and every Paul Kelly song is so difficult to categorise.

20th December 2004, 03:27 PM
To find the most recently added files, just sort by date added.

Another way to find your newest files automatically is to create a smart playlist where the criteria is set to 'date added is in the last 14 days'

You can't move a file to a playlist, a playlist is just a list of files, it's essentially a list of shortcuts to your music files.