View Full Version : How Do I - Set an iTunes Visualizer as a screensaver?

19th January 2007, 07:12 PM
As the title says, I would like to be able to set the default iTunes Visualizer as my screen saver. Is this possible and does anyone know how to do it?

19th January 2007, 07:38 PM
there is no way to set it as a physical screensaver using itunes, but you can just go fullscreen visuals (apple F in visual mode) and then walk away.

there is no password option and you must have itunes open and some music playing for it to work.

flurry would be your best bet screensaver wise. just jack up the speed, make the lines thin and have heaps of colours. it can go off hard....


19th January 2007, 11:01 PM
That would be so cool. I have also been looking for a way to do this, as I would use Backlight to run the visualiser as my desktop background..

19th January 2007, 11:11 PM
Actually you dont need music playing for it to work just turn it on and walk away