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9th January 2007, 08:07 PM
Was wondering if anyone knows a program on mac that decompresses the .rar compression of video files that some pc users continously and stupidly use. i've tried stuffit expander but i knew it wouldnt work from the beginning... anyone ever used it before. any help would be much apprecited thanks.

9th January 2007, 08:12 PM
Try VLC. It might not decompress, but at least you can play it then... or something like that.

9th January 2007, 08:12 PM
UnrarX (http://www.unrarx.com/)

9th January 2007, 08:12 PM
i like UnRarX (http://www.unrarx.com/)

quick and easy.

9th January 2007, 08:13 PM
stuff-it works fine for me.

you normally have to double click on the first file in the series from memory.

9th January 2007, 08:15 PM
Stuff-It is definitely the tool of choice.

9th January 2007, 08:21 PM
i'll try unrarx thanks people.

9th January 2007, 09:14 PM
You can watch the movie with VLC-RarLoader without having to uncompress and join the files together into the one .avi file. :)