View Full Version : Macbook battery display broken

19th December 2006, 05:51 PM
Edit; I restarted a second time and it seems to have fixed itself but will leave the post below if it happens to someone else.

The display of my battery status in the menu bar on my Macbook has stopped working properly.

It shows the "connected to power adaptor" symbol even when it isn't and always shows 99% or "charged" even when its been running on the battery for hours. The system preference pane shows the same wrong info. The connector glows red when I put in back onto charge (until it is charged again) and the lights on the battery itself seem to be OK.

Is there a preference I can trash or another way of getting it to work again? Could the recent EFI update broken this? I have calibrated the battery when it was new and every few months since. I am going to run it down again now but has anyone every heard of this before?